Business suits can be boring. And some fashion trends are impossible to incorporate at work, like this year’s crop tops.

Business attire doesn’t have to mean bland.


Here are the fashion tips:

For Women:



It’s one of the easiest ways for women to show off current trends in their work wardrobe. One of the big trends right now is statement necklaces. “Accessories are the easiest way to stay in the now without having to completely change your wardrobe, which when you’re wearing business attire, is not realistic to do every season,” Harper said.

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Wear some color

Wear pops of this season’s colors, such as emerald. Show off the color through a blouse, shoes, jewelry or purse. Pair your statement blazer with a dress in the color of the moment. For fall, bring the bright, vibrant colors down a few shades.

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Update your wardrobe

Instead of buying a new suit, update your wardrobe by buying one or two blouses each season in colors and styles of the moment.

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And Lastly:

Find staples that work for your body type

Skirts that fall below the knee — the “Mad Men” look — are a current trend, but they’re not the best option for shorter women. On a shorter woman, those skirts can make her look disproportionate. Shorter women can still pull off the look, but may need to raise the hemline slightly.

For pants, Harper says a more fitted leg is in — think skinny jeans but not as tight. Wide leg pants are also in, which is a great style for taller women. “If you don’t have the body type for it, you’re just going to look off,” she said, regarding current trends. “Figure out what works for you and go from there.”

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It’s OK to wear color (you’re not stuck with only blue)

Embrace this season’s colors with ties, dress shirts and vests. Plaid is a perfect way to incorporate the color of the moment. “I feel like a lot of times men are so boring with the shirts they wear and the ties — that subtle blue and white,” she said. “I think it’s really stunning when you see a man in a lavender shirt with a tie that embraces that color — not being scared to use those colors.”

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Be bold with ties

Choose a skinny or wide tie to switch things up, but make sure it complements your body type. Skinny ties are in but can look silly on certain body types. If you’re a heavier-set man, don’t choose the skinniest tie out there. If you’re smaller framed, don’t choose the widest tie, either. “Find the width that looks good on you that complements you and your body type,” she said

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SOURCE: Designer: Tips to fold fashion trends into business attire


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